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Song Notes


Welcome to Mrs. Meetze’s Music Class!

Contact Info:

What we will be learning in music class… 

Each grade will include appropriate music theory lessons and build upon the previous year’s skills.  

Each class will engage in age appropriate theatre games and lessons as time permits.


Pre-K and Kindergarten - musical games, introduction to different musical qualities, basic vocal activities


1st grade - introduction to music appreciation, basic singing, intonation, rhythm and dynamics 


2nd and 3rd grade - music of the world, singing, basic instrumental playing 


4th and 5th grade - introduction to ensemble music, ear training, harmony


6th grade - research project, musical styles, group performance, famous musicians, musical genres, musical theatre


7th grade - research project, cultural music, group performance, songwriting


8th grade - group project, music as a career, group and solo performance 


Meet Your Music Teacher!


I began performing when I was 4 years old!  As a kid, I toured with the Maryland Youth Symphony Orchestra.  In my teenage years, I was a member of the globetrotting, award-winning Glenelg High School Jazz Ensemble.  All through my childhood, I loved performing in musicals and singing with all kinds of groups. 

I got my double degree (Theatre and Biology) from Virginia Tech!  I enjoyed singing with the New Virginians, a jazz vocal ensemble.  My love of Musical Theatre grew and I began arranging songs for a cappella groups!  I toured the east coast with Theatre IV, doing children's theatre.  Then I got hired to sing professionally for the Music Theatre of Williamsburg!  

My life took a turn and I became a high school musical theatre teacher!  I also was a Board Member for Silhouette Stages Theatre Company.  I directed and performed in many plays and musicals with them!  I joined Capital Blend, an award-winning all-female a cappella group in Washington, DC.  When I moved to Western New York in 2014, I started up a new a cappella group called Bufftown Funk!  I also directed talent shows for Como Park Elementary School, where my two awesome kids went to school.  I taught voice and piano at the Academy of Theatre Arts in Williamsville from 2019 until 2023.  


I couldn’t be more thrilled to work with all of you!!


About SSPP Chorus:


SSPP Chorus is a class for grades three through five and provides active training in ensemble singing.  The students get exposure to multiple musical genres, as well as basic vocal training.  SSPP Chorus performs in both the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert.  


Extracurricular Opportunity:  The Musical


Each year, the school produces a full-length musical production.  Auditions occur in the fall and performances are in March.  Students in Kindergarten through grade eight are eligible to audition.  Past and present shows include Pirates!, The Lion King, Jr., and Totally Gone with the Wind.  Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to participate.  Students who do not wish to perform are encouraged to join the stage crew and work behind the scenes.  



Totally Gone WIth The WInd


Show Summary:  Two musical theatre producers attempt to create a musical so bad that it will close after opening night.  They incorporate Elvis impersonators, disco music and much more to make the classic story of “Gone with the Wind” the “worst” musical ever.  Lucky for us, it became the funniest version of “Gone with the Wind” ever made.  This show has 14 speaking roles that vary widely in size.  Also, a chorus and young ensemble will be used in many ways to make each scene come alive!  There are opportunities in the show for the seasoned performer as well as the stage newcomer and everyone in between.  There are non-singing roles as well as roles who present one or more solos!  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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