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Welcome to our Library

“It’s not always the book that catches on with the multitudes that’s special, but the book that is the right book at the right time for one person who never saw himself as a reader.”



To check out the website, Ms. Borcuch suggests clicking on the link If you find a title that interests you, scroll down to search our library at webcollectionplus.

Parents, take your middle school age child to your local library branch for a library card and pin number. Kids can search for books, renew books, reserve books, and have books sent to the branch closest to home. Go to for more information or ask your public librarian.

Popular Titles & Websites:

Middle grade readers, if you like action and suspense with a sci-fi twist you must try The Hunger Games. Already hooked on this series? Check out the website for info on Suzanne Collins’ third book in the series and the upcoming movie!

Percy Jackson fans check out the Rick Riordan cool games and interesting info about the author and his books. Try the official Percy Jackson Mythology Bee or find your way through the Labyrinth


Reading Links: Pre K – 2nd Grade


  • Visit the Junie B. Jones official website to learn about her new books, color Junie B.’s pictures, take a Junie B. trivia quiz or print activity sheets.

  • Do you like books that make you laugh like Ramona the Pest or The Mouse and the Motorcycle try the Beverly Cleary official website to meet more of her characters, play games and more!

  • Try unscrambling words from your favorite books. Choose from a long list including Arthur, Eloise, Curious George, Scooby-Doo and Star Wars

  • Play, read, doodle and explore at the Leading to Read website for ages 3-5.

  • Play games like Star Words, Poetry Splatter, Sing it’n Solve it, story maker and Picture Pairs at Reading Planet. You can also take a quick quiz and get suggestions just for you!

  • Listen to a wonderful a story, enter a writing contest, play a game or color a picture at Reading Rainbow.

  • Do you love Arthur, D.W. and their friends? Go to their Website to play games, explore their town or color pages.

  • Head to and click on your favorite chracter, like Clifford or Curious George, to have some fun!

  • Visit the <a href”=”'”>Laura Ingalls website to learn more about the Little House books, take a quiz and play games too!

  • Find a book suggestions tailored to your interests at the Book Adventure Kids’ Zone. Answer a few simple questions and get some great results! Great for your next book report choice.

  • Search for a good book, write a book review or read what your peers think about your favorite novels at the Reading Planet Book Zone.

  • Search for good books by topics and read reviews written by kids at Great Reads.

Reading Links: Grades 6-8

  • 7-8th graders check out this site for the latest review of young adult books. Write your own reviews and earn free books for SSPP at

  • Boys, looking for a good book? Here’s a list just for you–plenty of action, adventure, mystery and intrigue.

  • If you think you know all there is to know about Harry potter, or you want to learn about this wizarding wonder, check out Harry Potter Central for trivia quizzes, cover illustration secrets, printable bookmarks and more.

  • Search for a good book , write a book review or read what your peers think about your favorite novels at the Reading Planet Book Zone.

  • Search for good books by topics and read reviews written by kids at Great Reads for middle school grades.

  • For ambitious 8th grade readers check out this list of classic American novels from the National Endowment for the Arts “Big Read” campaign. Get a jump on your high school reading and enjoy the work of the greatest American writers.

  • The Book List Web page reviews young adult books and has loads of great reading suggestions organized by genres. This is the most current website and includes books published this year.

  • Interested in learning more about S.E.Hinton and her books? Try her official web site.

  • Have a favorite author? If you want to find similar authors try this cool website called Type in your favorite author, and a web of other authors will appear. The author closest to your author’s style will appear closest on the web. You must try it to understand it.

For Parents

    • If you are wondering if a book is the appropriate reading level for you child use this simple 5 point guide.

    • Print a word search for your reader based on his favorite books. From Where the Wild Things are to The Chronicles of Narnia, theres several to choose from.

    • Interested in finding out more about the book your child is reading? Check out Carol Hurst’s Children’s Lit

. website for a list of comprehensive reviews.

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